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The R.R. Dragbike New Zealand Challenge Prize!

A Slide Show of some of the racers & bikes from the 2005-2006 NZ season.

Click Here For Some Drag Racing Videos. Updated 14th July 2009

Dragbikenz.com depicts the history of Kiwi dragbike racers, the men, the women, the machines. Click on your favorite category, E/Dragbike to AA/Prostock to TF/Dragbike, the dedicated racers of New Zealand are here.

DBNZ UPDATED 25-October-2013  See Updates Here 

 The new season is almost upon us. First meeting is on Labour Weekend at Ruapuna!

What will the southern boys (& girls) bring to the table? 

Below: Bill Hamilton last season. Can Bill dip into the sevens this season?  Will Spike Allen's turbo 'Busa run 7.80s at his first meet instead?

Will Scrappy run 8s? Who will do what? Be at your local dragstrip this season to find out!


Fram Autolite Dragway has been resealed, it's superflat with an extra 80 metres of braking area.

The race for the first side by side 6 second dragbike pass in NZ will be on!


Ian Wilkins' turbo Kawasaki funny bike against Athol Williams' Nitro burning TB5049  6.1 second Top Bike!

Can Ian run his first ever 6? Just where will Athol have to shut it off so he can stop before Walton's mountain?

You'll just have to be there to find out!  Mark your Calendar, this will be one race meet not to miss! BE THERE BE THERE BE THERE!

Oh, and there'll be three 4 second Top Fuel cars there as well, but who really cares, too many wheels......





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Thanks to Fram Autolite Dragway and the New Zealand Drag racing Association (NZDRA) for the latest Dragbike National Records.

Most categories have links to riders that have raced a dragbike in that particular class. Over the years the classifications, i.e. AA/PCB have changed so we have grouped older bikes under the class they would most likely be classified in today. This may not be their original classification (sorry). You will find within each classification complete details of the bike/rider combinations history, the dream, the build, the reality and the strip performances, records held, including photos. There  is a For Sale and Wanted section where you can post, free of charge, Dragbikes and related Drag racing parts.


There is also a best burnout page, where you can post     pictures of your favorite Smokey burnout! 

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Who have we missed, lost or just not been informed of? Do you know of a Kiwi dragbike racer that is not yet listed! This is where we desperately need your help. So please let us know you can write to DragbikeNZ.Com PO Box 165, Westpark Village, Auckland, New Zealand

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